2020.What a year huh? While all of us have had different experiences, if there's one thing all of us had in common, was cooking. Learning, relearning, moving out of the comfort flavours, failed hashtag challenges and what not. 

So that's when KooK was born, out of Cooke Town. 

 Over many delicious trial and errors, we realised there was a way to make cooking fun again. And easy. While retaining the deliciousness. Increasing it rather. 

 For CounterCulture, food was always ingrained to our DNA. We have won awards for our food, we still run NizzaPizza. And sitting in our cozy Cooke Town neighbourhood, we felt everyone could use a little magic in their food and lives this year. A little KooK. 

 And so we’re here to inspire all of you to cook more, and to eat better. But more importantly, to have fun in the kitchen. With our range of cooking blends and other products to come, we hope to stir up a fire inside all of you. To KooK, and everything else that it will lead to.