The Herby One | Select Green Herbs with Fresh Chillies

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Do I cook with it or eat it as is? Well, that's entirely up to you. Kook is a flavourful concoction that's designed to work like magic. The Herby One is a zingy green blend made from handpicked fresh leafy herbs and green chillies. This refreshing combination of favoured greens and pungent flavours, is perfect for dips and dressings. From pesto to chutney, The Herby One is refreshing on the palate. But when cooked, and used in marinades or curries, it adds a whole new dimension with citrusy and aromatic flavours. 

100% Vegetarian | All natural | No artificial preservatives, flavours or colors | No nuts, dairy or gluten | Freshly made to order |100% wholesome and flavourful.

Weight- 180gms

Ingredients- Corriander, Mint, Green Chilly, Celery, Olive Oil

Always keep refrigerated

Best before 3 weeks from date of manufacture (See jar for date of manufacture)

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