Stuffed Lady’s Fingers - Over-the-top okra prepared using Kook's blend The Hot One

Kooking Blend(s): 1 tbsp of The Hot One / The Herby One

Other Ingredients: Ladies’ fingers (okra), garam masala, onions, oil and seasoning

Used As: Masala

Directions for Kooks: Sauté chopped onions in a little bit of oil. Once cooked, add the garam masala and Kooking Blend, and season. Let this masala cool. Make lengthwise slits in the ladies’ fingers. Stuff them with the masala. In a separate pan fry the ladies’ fingers on low heat. Keep covered until cooked.   

Kooking Time: Needs Some Love

Why Kook?

Stuffed ladies’ fingers with adjustable spice levels. Not as graphic as it sounds; we promise a fine-dine version of good old bhindi.

Kook: Kiran Castelino, Community Champion and Exper Chef to Fussy Eaters
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