Steamed Fish in Pan Fried Cabbage - Aces in texture and taste prepared using Kook's blend The Herby One

Kooking Blend(s): 1 tbsp of The Herby One for 1 pc of fish

Other Ingredients: Fish of choice, lime, seasoning, cabbage and oil

Used As: Sauce

Directions for Kooks: Marinate fish with lime, salt and pepper. Put a dollop of the Kooking Blend on it and steam it until cooked. Wrap the fish in a cabbage cup and add more Kooking Blend if required. Seal tightly and pan fry.

Kooking Time: Needs Some Love

Why Kook?

Crunchy leaves and fish flavoured to its steaming core. This one’s a tender and healthy treat for herby gourmet at home.

Kook: Karthik Shetty,  Film maker, Photograoher and Farmer, Bangalore
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