Ratatouille - Stir up a ‘nice’ stew prepared using Kook's blend The Easy One

Kooking Blend(s): 1 tbsp per person of The Easy One

Other Ingredients: Aubergine, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, basil, onions, seasoning and oil

Used As: Sauce 

Directions for Kooks: Sprinkle salt over aubergine and zucchini. Once they start to release water, squeeze to drain them. Sauté onions and garlic in oil. Once translucent, add chopped aubergine, zucchini, tomatoes and bell peppers. Season with Kooking Blend and pepper.

Kooking Time: Easy Peasy 

Why Kook? 

Brighten up your day with this famous French stew – a fragrant veggie treat from the same city that gave the world the Niçoise salad. Flavour-intense, good-looking and simplified.

Kook - Pritika Chittaranjan, Home-bakes business owner and Travel enthusiast, Guwahati

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