Prawns in Hot Sauce - Seafood for the spice-headed prepared using Kook's blend The Hot One

Kooking Blend(s): The Hot One as per taste

Other Ingredients: Garlic, prawns and oil

Used As: Sauce 

Directions for Kooks: To a pan add chopped garlic and fry. Add a dollop of the Kooking Blend. Marinate prawns with salt and pepper. Drop in prawns and fry on medium heat.

Kooking Time: Easy Peasy 

Why Kook? 

The Hot One flavours the prawns with mildly spiced chillies, garlic and herbs that do well to tingle the palate and make the dish a rotational regular on your menu.

Kook - Pallavi Chander, Artist, therapist and cooking experimentalist, Bangalore
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