Pasta, Honey Glazed Chicken and Crispy Bacon - Cool pick for extended afternoons

Kooking Blend(s): 1 tsp per person of The Hot One 

Other Ingredients: Boneless chicken, honey, oil, pasta of choice, bacon, veggies of choice, cheese of choice and herbs of choice

Used As: Glaze 

Directions for Kooks: Cook pasta and set aside. Fry bacon to a crisp. In a pan drizzle oil and sauté chicken until it starts to cook. To this add the Kooking Blend and honey, and combine. Add veggies of choice and drop in pasta. Combine. Garnish with bacon, cheese or fresh herbs.

Kooking Time: Needs Some Love 

Why Kook? 

Redesign the American favourite with new flavours – a bit of zest with Hot. 

Kook - Bharath, Bangalore

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