Mushroom Masala - With telltale signs of magic prepared using Kook's blend The Hot One

Kooking Blend(s): 2 tbsp of The Jolly One, and The Hot One as per taste

Other Ingredients: Mushrooms, garam masala and seasoning

Used As: Masala

Directions for Kooks: Heat pan until hot, drizzle oil and fry mushrooms. Once browned, add Kooking Blends and garam masala and cook on a medium-high flame. Season according to taste.

Kooking Time: Easy Peasy

Why Kook? 

Add vibrancy to your usual mushroom sabzi by going beyond the usual garam-masala spicery.

Kook - Pritika Chittaranjan, Home-bakes business owner and Travel enthusiast, Guwahati
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