Fried Rice - Room for everything prepared using Kook's blend The Hot One

Kooking Blend(s): 1 tbsp per person of The Herby One + The Hot One + The Easy One

Other Ingredients: Rice, capsicum, chillies, garlic, mushroom, shredded chicken and oil

Used As: Flavouring 

Directions for Kooks: Stir fry veggies and season. Add the Kooking Blend, shredded chicken, mushrooms and stir. Fry together with rice until combined.

Kooking Time: Easy Peasy

Why Kook? 

The luckiest of leftover rice are destined to end up as fried rice, but why not look beyond soy? Our three blends offer three new scrumptious possibilities for the ricey classic

Kook - Farah Merchant, Cooking Whiz and Home Super Wizard, Bangalore
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