Flavoured Dosa - An upgrade on your usual dosa prepared using Kook's blend The Hot One

Kooking Blend(s): The Special One / The Easy One / The Hot One / The Herby One / The Jolly One as per taste

Other Ingredients: Regular dosa made with store-bought, homemade or leftover batter

Used As: Spread / Dip

Directions for Kooks: Spread the Kooking Blend on a cooked dosa, smooth and easy, and top off with cheese or other filling of choice.

Kooking Time: Quick Fix

Why Kook?

Elevate the plane-jane dosa into a flavourful treat. For a lightning-fast meal, try a choice of Kooking Blend as chutney/dip.

Kook: Anuroop Nair, Voice Artist, Food Lover, Bangalore