Eggs and Frankfurter Bhurji - Scrambled and Seasoned prepared using Kook's blend The Hot One

Kooking Blend(s): 1 tsp per person of The Easy One and The Hot One each

Other Ingredients: Eggs and frankfurters/sausage of choice

Used As: Spice

Directions for Kooks: Fry sausages and set aside. In a bowl whisk eggs and season with Kooking Blends. Pour the egg mixture into the oil released by the sausages and scramble. Add chopped sausages/serve on the side. 

Kooking Time: Easy Peasy

Why Kook? 

For a hot and tangy keto meal to start a new day or end a hangover with. Recommended for those scrambling to kook a fast and filling breakfast.

Kook - Orko Basu, Creative Director, Ad Agency, Bangalore

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