Chilli Garlic Bread - For a speedy nosh break prepared using Kook's blend The Hot One

Kooking Blend(s): The Hot One and The Easy One as per taste

Other Ingredients: Bread, veggies of choice, cheese and garlic

Used As: Spread 

Directions for Kooks: Spread minced garlic and the Kooking Blends on bread. Top off with veggies if desired. Toast in the oven until the bread turns golden brown. Top off with cheese and put it back in the oven for 2 mins.

Kooking Time: Quick Fix

Why Kook? 

An easy four-step dish. Chop garlic, spread the blend, think a random thought while the oven clock ticks and open the oven door to the aroma of a new flavour.

Kook - Elena, KooK brand owner, Artist, Design Professor, Bangalore

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